Top 5 Alcoholic Beverages and The Right Occasions to Have Them

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There are more than 100 alcoholic beverages, and choosing the right one on any given occasion can be put you in a quandary. This small guide will help you choose the right drink for the right occasions.

Whether you are in a party, on a date or watching TV, beer is a perfect beverage for you to have some casual time. Main Ingredients: Barley, water, and yeast.

Vodka is a perfect drink if you want to get hammered have a crazy night. Martini, Margherita, long island tea are all vodka-based drinks. Main Ingredients: Potatoes and Fermented cereal grains


Wine is a drink that can be drunk on quite a few occasions, like in a dinner and birthdays parties, quiet nights at home or sorrowful times. Main Ingredients: Grapes.


Scotch is drink made for formal ambience and is meant to be drunk slowly, with a cigar. So choose a perfect occasion for your scotch. Main Ingredients: Fermented grain mash like barley, and rye.


Champagne is a drink made for celebrations and is apt for any special occasion.
Main ingredient: Grapes.



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